Sunday, October 2, 2011

The 8-year-old Korean perspective on Obama

On Friday, my 8 third graders were learning the word "obey."
"And who do you obey?" I asked the class.
"Mother... Father... big brother... princess... queen... president... Obama..."
"Woah, what?!  Obama?!  Why do you need to obey Obama?"
"Teacher, he is president of US.  You don't know?"
"I know who he is, but are you from the US?"
"Where are you from?"
"So do you need to obey the president of the US?"
"But Teacher.  I think if Obama asked to bring some water, I will obey him."
Elizabeth pipes up.  "Teacher, my family have dogs.  The dog have puppies.  And one puppy is black.  So we call him Obama."
That was so brilliant and unexpected, I laughed so loudly in the front of the classroom.


  1. This absolutely made my morning.

  2. This made our day at the Sweeny house.

  3. I shared your stories with some people I'm working with. Laughs all around.


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