Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On being a Christian, being nice, and being happy

I am tired of being known as a good person.
Because being good isn’t good enough.
Being good isn’t what I am after.
I am after a life lived to the fullest. A life lived to glorify God.
And you get that by laying your life down for others. You can’t pick that up in a bookstore, and you’re not always going to get it in church on a Sunday morning .

When we are redeemed, we are called to righteousness, not to merely being good.  If we were around when Jesus walked the earth, I don't think "good" is how we'd first describe Him.  His example includes (though is surely not limited to) speaking love and truth, doing what's right, calling out the pharisees who were leading astray His loved ones, and harshly rebuking those who were deceiving His children.  There was also that one time when he made His own whip and ran out the traders who had turned the temple into a flea market.

As Nicole puts it so well in her highly recommended post, The Dangerous Christian,
"Niceness is not a command."
We aren't called to be sweet, we're called to be like Christ.  We're called to love to the point of dying for others, and, sometimes, that can be brutal, cussin' difficult, and straight up insane.  "It is a radical, risk-taking, unconventional, challenging, hard-to-swallow-at-times love that brings people to Christ." 

May this be the love I live. 

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