Saturday, August 25, 2012

Couple Wear: I have a plan.

As I've said before, I've slowly become a fanatic for couple wear.  Couple tees, couple pajamas, couple shirts, not so much couple rings (cuz you might as well be saving for on with a rock on it), but pretty much everything else.  By the way, there's also plenty of couple inner wear for sale here, too...

I visited my friend Drew in his city of Chuncheon this weekend.  This city is known in Korea as its city of love all because of a certain Korean drama that was filmed there.  Winter Sonata.  There are statues and posters and Christmas lights all over the city in commemoration.  There are also loads and loads of wedding shops and I can only assume that couples come here to try and wish upon the happiness of the couple in Winter Sonata for their own relationship.

Drew and I were walking through the underground mall and eye shopping and chatting.  We commented on the couple wear we saw modeled on the mannequins, and I told him how I feel about the whole idea.  I also told him I'm pretty sure that, if I ever want to go matchy-matchy with anyone, it's probably going to be my dog since my boyfriend Caleb wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same clothes as me.

Just then, though, we passed some really suave outfits and Drew said something brilliant.  What if I give Caleb a really nice set of clothes, something really cool and flattering (he looks fantastic in blues).  I could suggest that he wear it on our next date, and then just show up wearing the same thing!  Surprise Couple Ninja Sneak Attack!

Maybe something like this?

Images via Wholesale7.net

Think it'll work?  :)


  1. Eeeexcellent. (I'm doing the bad guy twiddle fingers.)

    But really, I think that's a great plan, and would probably turn into a really funny date.

  2. It won't work if he reads your blog ;)

  3. You do know I read these things right?


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