Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One more thing Ruby said

Leftover story!
I never got around to telling it, but it needs to be told.

One day during our morning greeting/homework checking/hugging time at school, Ruby starting looking at my Caucasian face more closely than usual.  Noticing this, I turned to look back at her and cocked my head to ask what she was looking at.  Instead of speaking, she reached up and ran her finger along the bridge of my nose.  She then ran her finger along the bridge of her own nose.

Ruby's adorable nose starts to come away from her face near the end, so she has a flatter area until under her eyes.  My nose has a long straight line coming down from the center of my eyes to the tip.  Maybe this was the first time Ruby had noticed the difference, but I didn't know for sure because she still wasn't saying anything.  That's when I decided to speak up about the richness we can see in the wide spectrum of the human races.

I said, "Our noses are different.  We look different, don't we?"
Ruby agreed.
I continued with what I knew would be the clincher.  A nice, happy everyone-is-beautiful moment.  "But we're both beautiful, right?"
She looked me square in the eyes, squinted with just enough suspicion to make me feel stupid, and then she left.  She just left me there!

Ruby didn't actually say anything in this story.  She just pointed out the differences in our noses and walked away.  All of those opportunities to say, "Yes, Teacher, I am pretty and you are pretty," were just left hanging in the air.  It was a funny moment for me, and I laughed.

We are both beautiful, Ruby.  We ARE!
A picture of our noses together, for comparisonSee how they're both beautiful?
: )

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