Monday, February 11, 2013

Couple Wear: Success!

Well... This is as close to a success story as I'll ever get.

I admitted in July that I've grown so accustomed to seeing couple wear (matchy-matchy clothes on couples) that I would wear it myself.  By August, I was so infatuated with the idea, I started to want to match my boyfriend.  I shared my plan for getting my boyfriend to wear couple clothes with me.  Unfortunately, while my perspective on couple wear has changed, my boyfriend's has not.

Caleb and I are both in the same country again, as you know.  I still think couple wear is cute and silly, and I still totally want to go matchy-matchy with Caleb sometime.  He still loathes the concept.

But aha!  While I was still in Korea, I bought these two pairs of matchy socks.  One pink pair, for the girl, and one blue pair, for the boy.  Surely, surely Caleb would be okay with wearing a pair of socks.  In fact, at first, I didn't even point out that they matched mine.  He scorned them and turned away from me.  (Haha, oh so dramatic!)  I had taken my shoes off and was wearing my pair of matchy socks.  While he wasn't looking, I quickly put my feet next to his and carefully and sneakily put the blue pair on his shoes.  I was able to snap this picture right before he noticed and kicked the socks away.


Oh geeze.  This is the only victory I will ever have in this area, and I know it's a small one, but it makes me smile a lot.  No sock reference intended.

And, Caleb doesn't have to be embarrassed by this victory, because it was entirely forced upon him, poor guy.  So, darling, no worries.  No one will think you're being ridiculous.  I think I hold all of those cards.


  1. As someone who also battles with this, I say: Stay strong Caleb!


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