Monday, July 1, 2013

Follow Up on the Human Moment Friend in the Dekalb Farmers Market

I don't know if you remember when I met this man at the Dekalb Farmer's Market last year, but here's the short story:

I met Comé from Benin in the fish department.  He where I'm from, and I told him, "I'm Lindsay, I'm from here, but I most recently lived as an English teacher in Korea."  Comé was intrigued by my English teaching and asked for my number.  I told him I had a boyfriend, but Comé insisted that he only wanted my number so we can practice English.

We have talked on the phone maybe 7 times since that first meeting, and last week I told him that I would be coming by the market again and that I would be able to see him!

It was so so great to watch Comé's face light up when he saw me.  It made me so happy.  I was also especially pleased to introduce him and Caleb to each other.  Caleb asked Comé questions about himself and Comé told the story of how he and I first met.  They both told each other they the other was very lucky to have found me.  They actually said that a lot.  I told them, "Oh boys, stop," but I was beaming.  I was also glad that what I considered a small act had made such an impression on Comé.

Comé has told me that he has tried to connect with a lot of Americans since moving here last year, but they won't pick up the phone when he calls or they never call him back.  He's told me that I am his only friend in America, and that he is always so happy to remember the day we met.  When we talk on the phone, we share about what life has given us, and he is always very encouraging when I tell him how I'm upset about not having a job yet.  He says to me, very thoughtfully and slowly, "Lindsay.  I know that you will do well.  You will find a job.  And all of your dreams will come true.  I think you are a good person.  You are good to help me and to talk with me, and God will take care to you.  You just need to pray, and everything will be fine."

Yep, he tells me almost those exact lines each time we talk.  It makes me smile.

Comé goes to English classes each week and is applying to be in the Navy.  It's been interesting to see America through his eyes, and I'm really glad I gave him my number that first time.

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