Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Women doing awesome things

In celebration of the beauty, grace, dignity, strength, and ferocity of the female body and soul, I wanted to share a collection of women doing epic and beautiful things.  I love these pictures!

8 Photos of women doing epic things

Dancer Sofia Boutella being epic

French climber Catherine Sedtivelle being epic

8 Photos of women doing epic things

Women doing epic things

Woman archer

8 Photos of women doing epic things

Professor McGonagall being a bad ass

Girl drawing at the window  |  via Tujiko on Tumblr
Dancer Sofia Boutella  |  by Annie Leibovits via Nike Blog
French climber Catherine Sedtivelle  |  via WanderingPioneer.com
Beautiful breastfeeding doula  |  by Deck and Oar of Kim Guiley via Milk and Love
Woman writing  |  via Collections and Recollections
Female archer  |  via MCSG SYM
Girl kissing a cheetah  |  via Whole Lot of Lovely
Harry Potter gif  |  via James Francoco

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