Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Safe and Fun Products That Make Me Wish I Were Pregnant

Okay, I don't really want to be pregnant.  These days I get starry-eyed over puppies, not babies.  But if I were pregnant, it would be more of an excuse to throw out all my chemically-enhanced beauty products and buy these instead!

apothecary products natural for pregnant women
All images in this post via Storq

Storq is an independent pregnancy clothing+beauty line that started up this year. (Here's the story.)  The online shop offers clothes designed to be worn all through pregnancy, all natural cleansing and hair products, and all natural beauty products, too!

comfortable and quality and efficient clothing for pregnant women

As you may know, I've been trying to cross over into the all natural arena, and this store looks like a great resource.  They have everything all in one place!  I like how Storq gives the option of buying everything in bundles, too.  It's like they know I need all of these things!

Natural beauty products for pregnant women

The lipstick and nail polish remover are very exciting.  I would like to have them NOW, and actually I'm in the market for a new mascara... but yeah, aren't these things nice and well presented and don't you just want to be pregnant so you can have an excuse to have them?

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