Thursday, June 5, 2014

Using a Nail Pen (and other nail art adventures)

It started right before Korea.  I saw that sea foam color everyone was wearing in the spring of 2011, and then I saw a deep, dark teal that I wanted, and then I had to have a bright, happy yellow.  Then, I moved to Korea where nail polishes are a dime a dozen and where every girl has her nails done 24/7.  Inspiration overload, I'm telling you.  I bought so many colors, made so many nail art friends, and here I am today.

My nail art tool du jour is this nail pen.  I bought it from CVS, and it's been clutch in two of my favorite designs I've done.  You have to be careful when you use it, because drawing on polish that isn't dry will cause the pen to sink in and drag grooves into the polish.  When drawing, I'll lightly dot along where I want the line, then go back and fill it in more.  It takes some time, but I got better with practice, and I got to make pretty patterns like these!

henna inspired nail art with a nail pen
I've probably watched 7 Bollywood movies in the last month and a half.  Inspired by henna, I made these!
:  Wear red by Pure ICE  :

Geometry inspired nail art with a nail pen
I really like the minimalism of this set.  Perfect for a chic spring feel.
:  Turquoise & caicos by Essie  :

Since I'm on a rols, I want to show you guys some of what I've done before, too.  I'm a fan of simple designs with bold colors, and that's usually what I go for, but the best thing about painting your nails is that you can try out so many different things without having to commit to it for very long.

Two toned ombre Easter egg nail art
These were for Easter: ombre Easter eggs!
:  Not gonna name them all, but I can tell you that half of these came from Korea  ::

Great nails for a little winter sparkle
Navy + gray + sparkle polish from The Face Shop

Nail art ideas for beginners

Next on my list of techniques to try is marbling and stamping.  Wanna come over and let me practice on your nails?  What colors or trends do you like?


  1. I love it! I don't get fancy with my nails often mostly because they chip in like .4 seconds. I should try this though, seems easy enough!

    1. Danielle, try Seche Vite! It's a top coat that changed my game completely. It dries super fast, and while it isn't chip proof, the last time I used it, it lasted a full week with no chips! It's the speedy dry time that I love the most, though. Fast, fast, fast! You can pick it up at CVS and Walmart and probably other places, too.


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