Monday, June 30, 2014

Changes Big and Small

I haven't talked about deeper things in a while, so I want to bring you up to date on our lives.

Small changes:
Starting with the small things, I did get a smartphone, I've made my first curry, and Caleb is the official leader in our Bible study.  The group is made of young professionals and adults our parents age.  Caleb is the young professional leader, and he's been doing a great job.  Also, I've brought in another plant that sits on our kitchen table, and I have a philodendron along with my spider plant in my office.

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Medium big changes:
I've started taking hip hop lessons at Gotta Dance Atlanta!  I was so nervous to go, more so to go by myself, but I went!  Caleb dropped me off and was there to pick me up at the end, and I LOVED it from the very beginning!  I've been three times now, and I've been getting better each time at picking up the routine and remembering the steps.  The trickiest part for me is remembering the sequence, what comes next.  I'm having so much fun with it, though, and I'm so glad I found the courage to go!

At my office, I've done some great work and we now have a fabulous new water cooler that gives cool, cool water and hot, hot water.  No more using the microwave to make my tea!  We also have music playing in the reception area, which everyone likes.  I've been the one putting the music on the iPod, and I feel sneaky when I hear some of my favorites come on like some Avett Brothers, Brock's Folly, or Relint K.

Pretty big change:
Caleb and I had been making things work with just one car, but Caleb's carpool buddy was becoming terribly unreliable, so... Caleb got a motorcycle!  He got the gear, took a safety course, got his license, then got the bike.  He's been super safe and has been doing everything to make sure he's highly visible.  Right now, I ask him to tell me when he makes it to work and when he leaves; I'm still nervous for him, but I'm getting better.

Here's a picture of his bike!  It looks super cool!  And he looks so hott in his gear!

Shiny new motorcycle ready to be hauled from the lot

When Caleb sent me this picture above from the dealership, I decided to send him back some of my own versions.

Photoshopped motorcycle

He was amused, but not impressed.  Heh.

Really big change:
Guys, my parents will be moving next spring/summer.  They will be moving to Norway.  They will be moving to Norway for 3 years to be missionaries.  They both already work for Operation Mobilization as missionaries, but most of what they do is preparing Americans for international trips.  In Norway, they'll be preparing Norwegians for local and international trips, leading trips that come to Norway, assisting the missionaries already on the ground there, and ministering to locals.

Dave and Jo McKissick go to Norway

I'm so proud of them, and I'm so excited for them.  I know I'll miss them, but I'll see them again.  The one thing that has my heart in a real knot is that they're going to be selling our home.  I know I live in the city with Caleb, I know I'm married now, I'm grown up, but after moving around so often and always feeling conflicted about the word "home," I finally know exactly where home is, and I know I'm going to lose it.  It won't be in our family anymore.  I won't be able to walk in my woods anymore.  I won't be able to climb the stairs to my room anymore.  Send the dog for the paper.  Watch the birds from the kitchen window.  Joke with company about how I painted the huge painting above the piano anymore.

It makes me really sad.
Have you been through anything like this before?  I know I was sad leaving my home in Puerto Rico in 1998, but this time it's different.  It's deeper.  Any advice?  Happy thoughts?


  1. My mom just moved out of our family home a month ago, and I'm having very mixed emotions about it. I haven't lived there for 3 years now, but it is still one of the places I call home. The new owners get possession on August 1, and I think I might cry a bit to let go of that place for good.

    1. Is your mom moving to a place that's good/better for her? Maybe a smaller place?

      I'm sorry for the sad part in this.


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