Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our Lovely Visit to the Duluth Food Truck

Our summer is well underway in our corner of Downtown Atlanta.  I've been busy at work (hence the inconsistency here on the blog), the weather's been hot and humid (except for our current lovely and breezy 80 degrees), and we've been eating a lot of BBQ (Caleb recently picked up my dad's old grill).  Even though the blog hasn't been seeing much new content lately, I do still post on Instagram and Twitter often, and I wanted to share one of my favorite evenings of the summer so far.

Caleb and I took a date night to the Duluth Food Truck Friday last month!  We had no idea how good it would be to get out of the city!  Seriously, guys, it was so good to be away, to see families playing in the grass, to see fireflies dancing at dusk.  I didn't even realize how much I missed fireflies, just because I haven't seen them in so long!  Not only was it great to be closer to the great outdoors, but it was also great to enjoy the food available!  We ended up getting food from four different vendors including Cousins Maine Lobster's food truck and Crave Pie Studio (see the Connecticut lobster roll and butterscotch pie above).

I waited in line for that lobster roll for over an hour, by the way.  I know lobster is pretty popular, and the roll was totally worth it, but I had no idea Cousins was famous!  That's why the line was so long, I think.  The pie, well my dad loves pie, and because he recently moved to an area with fewer pies, I felt the need to indulge in his place.

Caleb and I sat and chatted, walked around, and ended up being asked to participate in a survey about church.  That was an interesting and fun conversation, actually.  Two guys from a church plant in Duluth talked with us about what the modern view of church is in the area and how to best reach the international community of Duluth.  At the end of our discussion, they took the time to ask us what they could pray for us about and then prayed for us right there in the grass.  It was a really cool experience.

While Caleb and I do enjoy a lot about being in the city, our short trip to Downtown Duluth made us miss the suburbs.  We missed the sense of community, the lower skylines, the green spaces, and the children you don't see playing around in the city.  Being in Duluth made us realize that, while the city restaurants can't be beat, we don't want to live downtown forever.  The heart of Atlanta has been good to us for this season, but we'll be happy to move to a calmer environment when the time comes.

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  1. I definitely promote "to each her own," so if the suburbs feel like home to you, go for it! But there are definitely pockets of the city where you can see fireflies AND children playing in the grass!


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