Monday, September 1, 2014

Dreaming Together

One of my favorite things to do with Caleb is to dream about our perfect future.  We talk about where we'd like to live, what we'd like to do and be good at, and what we'd like to be focusing on years from now.  We come up with different ideas, but they all fit in nicely around a large parcel of land in the country.  Envisioning all our ideas together makes me think that our home will be the kind of place Robin and Marian would visit.

Dream home in the woods | A Log of My Life
Transylvanian Dream by Laszlo Indig
 A carpenter's shop
A bountiful vegetable garden
A number of dogs roaming around
Lots of well tended plants inside
Sewing my own clothes
An herb garden set in kitchen windowboxes
Archery and the bow staff
Wooden furniture
A large, open kitchen with rustic mugs and things
Walks and running in the woods
Clear, starry night skies
What would you have in your perfect future?  Would you visit us in the country?

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