Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Inner Anthem

Imagine if, every time you walked into a room, one particular song would play for everyone to hear.  What would your song be?

I'd like to think that "End Credits" from the Serenity soundtrack would be my song.  It's adventure, excitement, confidence, and rugged beauty--a lot of what I imagine my life to be (even when it isn't).  My real inner jam, though, is "Speaking Japanese" by Shiny Toy Guns.

First of all, I love how all the vocals are female and they're all in my range, so I can sing my heart out on every line.  I love how the sounds of the girls' voices along with the music is unapologetic bad assery paired with the strong femininity; this is all woman going on here, but it's not a caricature of any kind.  I love the subtle Japanese in the background, and finally I love the line "I will arrive on a dragon."  Pure awesome.

What would your outer song or your inner song be?  What's been playing on your speakers these days?

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