Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Recommended with Summer

Instead of finally writing out my thoughts on the controversy on the Confederate Flag or what I think the Church's response to the SCOTUS decision should be (I'm still working on articulating those things in my head), I want to drop a few jewels from this summer.

Snaps from our hiking trip in Lookout Mountain this weekend

If you're not following Sarah Von Bargen's blog Yes and Yes yet, maybe this post will change your mind: You don't owe anyone your pretty.  Growing up involves change, and change sometimes disappointing others, even if it's good change.  I loved how this post tells us that's okay.

If you like food and/or freedom, I highly recommend watching Farmageddon.  It's currently on Netflix, and it pushed me deeper to the Libertarian and anti-government/anti-regulation wave I've been riding.

I'm starting to wish my entire summer looked more like this.

My dear friend Annalise married the love of her life last month, and I am in love with her wedding pictures!  I haven't seen anything this perfect and happy in a while!

Caleb and I have a not-so-secret thing for Charleston, SC.  I know it sounds silly when I say it out loud but it's things like this swoon-worthy bathroom in a colonial Charleston home that just make the whole city special.

Is it just me, or is there something satisfying about wearing a sweater in the summer time?  Like when it's just almost too warm, but it's super cozy and you just want to cuddle.

I hope you're all doing well!  And, random, but if you have any thoughts about good placement for a botanical fern tattoo, let me know!

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