Monday, April 4, 2016

Insiration from Instagram

I wanted to try out a new blog post idea.  I find many beautiful, interesting, or encouraging pictures on Instagram throughout any week, why not share them here?  I grouped me favorites into themed thirds, but I'm curious about how well I'll be able to keep that up in the future if the pictures I want to tell you about don't fit into color groups.  I also think it might make more sense to share one trio at a time, moving forward.  What do you think?!

This week I found a Star Wars latte, hand written cirlce notes, and a display-worthy cocktail.  Who are you following on Instagram these days?

Blue inspiration from Instagram

Written inspiration from Instagram

Camel colored inspiration from Instagram

P.s. Four of these pictures are from friends of mine in real life!
Thanks, Kate, Holly, Hanh, and Betsy for making my week a happier place!

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