Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Minimalist rustic

I realized last week that if I could find a beautiful way to marry minimalism with a rustic aesthetic, I might find my perfect happy space.  I had no idea how to blend these two very different ideals, but some inspiration came to my inbox just today!  Check out these beautiful rooms on Bloglovin that combine both of my interior design goals (plants included).

If you know of any other places where I can find similar minimalism + rustic combos, let me know!  Maybe one day I'll be able to add some of my own pictures to the internet!

P.s. Would you say rustic minimalism?  Or does minimalist rustic make sense?
You might also be interested in this collage of minimalist planter ideas or this Atlanta treehouse available on Airbnb (now up to $350/night, though!).

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