Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Inspiration for minimalist hanging planters

I love-love-love plants.  Inside plants and outside plants.  My parents' house is nestled in the perfect Southern wood with ferns everywhere, and it's one of my most precious places.  My parents will be moving next year, so I won't be able to visit my precious place anymore, but instead of being super sad about it, I've decided to try and bring some of the ferns from the woods into my apartment.  What I really want to do is make some hanging planters for them.  I think seeing my childhood ferns hanging from the ceiling would be so cool and pretty!  My ideal is something that looks simple and clean and that doesn't involve any macrame.  Lucky for me, lots of other people have the same idea!

Minimalist and modern hanging planter inspiration:

Minimal hanging planter DIY inspiration | Lindsay Eryn

1. Two rows of hanging pots for $57 on Etsy
2. Hanging moss balls for $34 on Etsy
3. Hanging brass planters DIY at A Beautiful Mess
4. Hanging terrariums for $54 at Urban Outfitters
5. Carved ceramic hanging planter for $32 from Scoutmob
6. Embroidery hoop planter tutorial at North Story
7. Brass hanging planter sold on Etsy
8. Hanging ferns in jars at The Joy of Plants
9. Fishbowl hanging planter tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

Do you have indoor plants?  Do you have any planter recommendations?  I really hope this project turns out well, but it's completely new for me.  I've never even taken fern plants out of the ground before!  I'll definitely let you know how it turns out!

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  1. These are gorgeous! I love having plants in the house!
    xo ClassToCloset

    1. Me, too! Hopefully mine will be as beautifully displayed at these. :)

  2. Plants in hanging mason jars!! I want to do this!!


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