Friday, May 10, 2019

Recommended with the Hollow Knight soundtrack

Fun blog fact: this is the 65th "Recommended" post I've published!  For those of you who've been with me for a long time, for years, thank you for sticking with me through my shifts and changes.  It's an awkward question when someone asks "what do you blog about" because "well, it's just personal... about my life and things."  I've started writing more about deeper things in the last couple years, but it's still easy to dismiss my work.  Thank you for reading and being here with me.

Today I wanted to introduce you to some of my new favorite peaceful music.  Last fall, Caleb bought the game Hollow Knight for us, and we immediately fell in love.  The game is enchanting, bringing mystery and mission together for a thrilling ride.  The visual design of the beautiful settings is matched by the lovely music, and I have to share these two pieces with you.

"Greenpath" is the music for the most delightful area in the game filled with lush, green flora, plants with teeth, and adorable monsters who kill you.  "Reflection" plays in the rooms where you're able to rest away from monsters and adjust your weapon charms.  I have played these 2 songs on loop for probably over an hour by now, just because they're so beautiful and peaceful.  I hope you like them, too!


Nifty things

Have a 10x15' space, 5 minutes, and wifi?  That's all you need to run an on-demand book printing machine!  The Espresso Book Machine is a consumption and resource game changer!

Screen printed tees with empowering messages printed on thrifted pieces?  Yes.

Have you seen the most remote Airbnb on the planet? You could spend the night with a nomadic Dhukha family and herd reindeer with them in northern Mongolia!

Do you like meat charcuterie boards?  I like charcuterie boards forever and always.  Binging with Babish, one of Caleb's favorite youtube channels, put out a video with all the info you need to pull together a beautiful platter of meat, cheese, and more.  I'm drooling over here!

This is a Twitter thread of two litters of farm puppies meeting each other.  Enjoy.

Social issues 

Victoria Secret is losing its sheen, which I'm very happy about.  Check out The Hustle's report on its plummeting stock (which I can't help but be happy about).  "Reports show that women’s perception of the iconic lingerie brand has been declining since 2013, as more women have shifted toward female empowerment instead of hypersexualization.  You mean Kendall Jenner strutting the runway in an aqua lace corset doesn’t scream women’s empowerment and inclusion??"

And Scottish doctors are now prescribing new treatments for people with chronic health issues.  What do you think?

Two big things in women's issues!  US abortions are at their lowest since Roe v. Wade and one way the #MeToo movement is hurting women

Art and science

The very fancy Arabic script is called Tuluth.  I learned about it here.  Check out this wild 3D calligrafitti in Cairo that uses Tuluth.

You may know, but I've been in love with the minimalist design of Japanese and Scandinavian interiors.  For the last few years I've used those terms to describe my ideal aesthetic, home, and  holiday decorations.  Just last month, I've learned that there's an actual word for this combination!  Japandi!

DNA uncovers that a famous viking warrior was a lady!  Science is cool.

These guys danging.  I love it.

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