Wednesday, February 9, 2011

101 in 1,001

My good friend Sarah Becker has inspired me.  I liked her idea of coming up with 101 things to do in 1,001 days.  What a challenge, what an adventure!  But I didn't like the idea of all that pressure.  What if I didn't complete the list within the allotted time?  What if I messed up?  After looking at a few others' lists and giving suggestions for Jenni's, I thought that it really was something I'd like to try.

It took me a very long time to come up with 101 things that I wanted to do and that I thought were doable.  I had to stretch to find the last 30, and the last 5 were really tricky, but, once I finally got to 101, I found one more thing I really wanted to add, and I couldn't bear to part with any of the others I'd worked so hard to find, so I have 102 goals.

I am beginning today, Wednesday February 9, 2011.  I will finish Tuesday, November 5, 2013 (I believe this estimate accounts for 2012's February 29th).  (And, it'd be just a little lame for me if the world decided to end before then).  I'm keeping a link to this list in that upper left corner of the blog, and I hope to keep updating it with my progress every couple weeks or so.  And so, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, my 102 goals for 1,001 days:

You can keep up with my progress here.

1.    Practice piano for (at least) an hour a day for two weeks
2.    Practice violin for (at least) an hour a day for two weeks
3.    Take mandolin lessons
4.    Sing karaoke (for the first time)
5.    Develop better breath support
6.    Become more comfortable singing in front of people and perform 3 times (These performances don’t have to be a big deal.)
7.    Perform as a street musician and set out the case for change
8.    Teach violin (at least one lesson)
9.    Compose a piece on either instrument
10.  Notate Calliope Meets Frank (I've wanted to learn this one for so long!)
11.  Go to a music festival

12.  Tie-dye some things
13.  Get a new coloring book and color every page
14.  Buy a piece of art and display it in my space
15.  Actually do/make three of the things I have pinned onto my “Creative ideas” Pinterest board
16.  Learn to make an origami crane
17.  Visit Artworks on the Square and check in with Celia Bob, if possible, 3 times

18.  Freakin' go to Korea!
19.  Learn Korean and get to a beginner’s level (as I’d taken Korean 102.)
20.  Get a houseplant in Korea and keep it alive for my whole time there.  It will be my pet.
21.  Make a video of things in Korea twice a month
22.  Decorate my space in Korea
23.  Secure a job for my return to the States
24.  Send packages/letters back to the States at least twice
25.  Whilst in Korea, give my Stateside dear ones some kind of contact at least once a week

26.  Learn to drive stick shift
27.  Learn to do a cartwheel (I still don’t know how)
28.  Learn to cut my own hair
29.  Also cut someone else’s hair
30.  Learn to crochet and crochet a scarf
31.  Learn to tie a tie
32.  Become familiar with the Lindy hop at some intermediate level.
33.  Enter a contest
34.  Get a tattoo (at least a henna one)
35.  Try snowboarding
36.  Pick up archery again

37.  Take at least 5 walks in the woods (2/5)
38.  Learn to identify 10 new constellations
39.  Go star gazing
40.  Go camping
41.  Plant a tree
42.  Watch a sunset

43.  Finish reading the well-known works of C.S. Lewis
44.  Read East of Eden (finally)
45.  Set aside at least one fortnight a year where I have a holiday from The Internet
46.  Write at least one sentence in my journal every day possible for the 1,001 days
47.  Blog about one thing I like each day for two weeks
48.  Read through the Bible in a year
49.  Spend 20 minutes in prayer each day for two weeks twice (Hopefully this will be a jumpstart.)
50.  Send a secret to PostSecret
51.  Move out after Korea
52.  Get a professional massage
53.  Give a massage
54.  Go to a movie by myself

Just because
55.  Write a detailed zombie apocalypse plan
56.  Participate in a snowball fight with strangers
57.  Get much better at Kongi (Korean jacks) and be able to make it through all five levels perfectly
58.  Make a wish on 11/11/2011 at 11:11 (I guess in Korean time) pretty much just so I can tell my kids I did
59.  Take a set of photo booth pictures
60.  Buy an antique and learn its story, if possible
61.  Acquire an awesome-looking world map
62.  Acquire an SLR camera and learn how to use it well
63.  Acquire a bicycle

64.  Pay off at least 50% of my student loans (I'll have a better estimate of what's doable once I figure my Korean salary.  Therefore, this goal is subject to change, but would only be changed once.)
65.  Purge my closet and dresser of clothes I don't wear anymore twice
66.  Purge my CDs and jewelry
67.  Clean out the family toy cubbies and the cabinets under the plant counter
68.  Do not buy tangible fun things (clothes, music, etc.) for myself for a whole month and a half.
69.  Scan at least 100 documents from my elementary years for safer keeping
70.  Blog about 30 of them

71.  Go to a zoo
72.  Go to an art museum
73.  Go to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market again (It's always a blast.)
74.  Go to IKEA with Mom
75.  Build a sand castle on a new beach
76.  Take a random roadtrip to a place at least two states away with less than two days to plan
77.  Attend a reunion

78.  Drink 64oz. of water a day for six weeks
79.  Do some sort of exercise for at least 20 minutes, every day, for two months.
80.  Lose 10 lbs
81.  Get to 50 push ups in one take, and get it easy
82.  Drink a cup of green tea each day for a month

83.  Buy a tube of lipstick – wear it out.  (This'll be a first.)
84.  Try and practice winged eyeliner and wear it out  (Also a first.)
85.  Make a dress for myself
86.  Wear a dress/skirt 3 times a month
87.  Get on Lookbook.nu and post 3 outfits
88.  Dress up for a date – dress and heels required
89.  Try feather hair extensions

90.  Bake a pie from scratch
91.  Order crème brulee at a nice restaurant
92.  Cook dinner for my family 5 times
93.  Come to appreciate spicy food  (I am so scared of this one.)

94.  Whilst in the States: send a card/letter to someone twice a month (One month completed)
95.  “Pay it forward” 5 times
96.  Sign up for postcrossing and send 5 postcards (3/5)
97.  Visit with Anna Johnson, my roommate from Summit 2006 who I haven’t seen since
98.  Visit my dad’s family in Pennsylvania
99.  Visit my mom’s family in North Carolina
100.  Visit Millie and Andrew once they’re married at their new home
101.  Take a walk with a family member six times in one month
102.  Do Zumba regularly with my sister for at least a month

Thanks to Becker, Jenni, Millie, Caleb, Taylor, Mom, Felicia, and all the other bloggers who supplied inspiration.  I'm excited about this.


  1. I like this post! I want to do the same thing, eventually. I'm proud of you for actually making goals and setting a date to strive for. I hope I can encourage you as much as I can =)

  2. Lindsay! This is a great list, I'm so excited you decided to do it!
    I"m coming back tomorrow to look through your list more thoroughly, but for now I thought I would share with you that I now have a pinterest account.
    As of yesterday. :)


    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. Hooray! Also, I'm listening to "Calliope Meets Frank." Fantastic!

  4. #81
    I ran across this on another blog today... it's a "how to do a proper push-up" blog post.


  5. 31. Learn to tie a tie

    Yay for finishing goals! Did someone teach you, or did you find a how-to website?

  6. How-to site all the way.


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