Friday, February 25, 2011

Mr. Gene's gettin' published!

I went over to Mr. Gene's today for our weekly work.  He had exciting news to share: he's found a publisher!  His plan is to have the book published in August, but he needs to get around 28,000 more words to have enough material for his book.  Oy.

Anyways, Mr. Gene showed me this publisher's business card.  Mrs. Swanee with Jawbone Publishing.  And she lives nearby.  And how about we stop over at her place.

"Wait, you mean today?"

Yes, today.

"Have you called her?"

He's called her, but he hadn't really gotten a hold of her in the last few days.  But, you know, Lindsay, he's worked so hard for this.  He was a janitor, he was a mechanic, he did this and then he did this, and now he's forgotten where he was going with that, but shoot for your dreams!

But, no, she's not expecting us.  We're going to stop by anyway, because we gotta go for this!  Ok, sure, let's do it.  When drove to the address and pulled up in front of this really shady broken down house that looked like no one had lived in it for years.  Mr. Gene said (finally), "Maybe I oughta call her."  I lend him my cell phone, and I listen to the closest side of the conversation:  "Mrs. Swanee?  This is Gene...  hello.  I've got a few things to show you.  ...Sure, how about that?  Wednesday?  (he looks at me)  Morning or Afternoon?  (I nod to morning)...  Yes, that'd be great.  Now, where exactly is your place?  Because I'm standing at the address...  Yes, and there's a mailbox...  Oh, to the end of the driveway?  ...I'm so sorry.  ...Ok, well, we'll be there in a minute.  ...See ya."

We drove further and came to a charming house set back in the woods with a cherry tree in the front and a pond on the side.  Mrs. Swanee opened the door to us when I rang the doorbell.  "I didn't realize you were standing by the road!" she said as she ushered us in, assured us her birthday evening could wait, and convinced us to take a seat at her dining room table.  This lady was the epitome of Southern charm and hospitality to us.  We were suddenly the most important people int he world and Mr. Gene especially deserved all of her attention.  She patiently listened to his new stories he wanted to add and added surprised gasps and understanding "mhm's" at the perfect moments.  She showed us her printing room where she makes the books and binds them.  Quite fascinating, it was.

I felt very humbled by her welcoming spirit, and I was sensitive to us not taking up much of her time, but her countenance didn't show any displeasure whatsoever.  She is lovely.  And, I think she is a great fit for this project.  Onward!

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  1. love love love your blog! enjoy the rest of your week chica!

    xo monica


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