Thursday, February 10, 2011

The things that people say, Part I

I hung out with Mr. Gene again to work one fleshing out his stories.  He's already gotten them to two publishers, and one of them say Mr. Gene's got some good material, and things need to be a little fuller.  Mr. Gene's always happy to see me.  "I'm gonna hug you."  And I'm always happy to see him.  He gave me the seat at his desk, and I opened my laptop to get started, but he asked how I was first.  Oh, I'm good.  Not much going on today.  My boyfriend and I were going to try and hang out today, but that had to be moved to Friday...
"Is this the same guy you went on a date with before?"
I couldn't help grinning.  "Yeah..."

"It seems like you really trust him."
"Mr. Gene.  I do."
"Well that's good. You gotta pick 'em for his character, now.  And, you can put two perfect people together, and you’ll still have peaks and valleys.  And you’ll come to a place where the two people are adamant on something...  Now, that’s not going to turn him into a monster, it’s just something you have to work through...  It’s good to have a partner while you’re doing what you’re doing, finding your place in the world, you know... and vice versa  …Well, congratulations so far.  When you get to your 54th year with him, we’ll talk again.  ...End of lecture 474, taken from the archives…"

That dear man!  He lost me a few times during his spiel, but his intentions were so clear.  I adore him, and I'm so blessed with how he cares about me and how he tells me to be good over the weekends.  I told Mr. Gene as I was leaving about how fun it is telling people how he and I met, but it always gets a little awkward when I get to the part where I got into a car with a strange, old Vietnam vet.  (Caleb says it's a good thing he didn't start having flashbacks in the car.)  Mr. Gene laughs at this and agrees that that was a completely stupid move, but I redirect the conversation and say that it was his cool beard that helped me think he would be ok.
"Well if that's what did it, then it's never coming off!" he said."
I hugged him and said, "Thanks for not being a creepy old man!"  He chuckled and sent me off with his usual wishes and demands for good behavior.

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