Saturday, May 14, 2011

Korean Culture: Dating

I'm pretty bummed; Blogger lost my post on Korean couples from a couple days ago (but Blogger is in the processes of restoring it).  Here's one I'd saved on Korean dating to make up for it:

Please don't think that I'm planning on getting a Korean boyfriend once I get over there, because that is not going to happen.  But, after my last post about Korean culture, I was still interesting the couples and dating scene.  I've done some research and I've got some interesting cultural differences show you.
  • When a girl is asked out on a date, it's usual for her to bring a friend to help keep her safe and in check.  In fact, she would risk appearing loose if she didn't.
  • The guy still has to pay for the friend, though, and everything else.
  • Besides holding hands and grooming each other's hair and faces, PDA is no bueno.
  • Guys almost always carry the girls' purses.  It shows that he pays attention and cares about her.
  • Interracial dating is frowned upon by the older generations.
  • Boyfriends are pretty possessive of the girlfriends.  Not sure how, but they make sure everyone knows that she's his.
  • Dating isn't a casual thing over there.  You don't date, you're in a relationship.
  • When you've got a boyfriend, you basically don't have any other guy friends.
  • Korean girlfriends whine and complain.  And the guys fall for it.
  • Young couples take pictures of each other incessantly.
  • The younger couples, they groom each other.  Incessantly.
Korean girls seem to like guys who are tall, funny, sensitive, jerk-ish, and smart.
Korean guys seem to like girls who are thin, pale-skinned, have large eyes, soft and not very muscular, and who flatter them.

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Talking on the phone with my friend Emily who's been there fore and is there again now!  Holla, Gangnam-Seoul!


  1. This seems like a good reason not to bring home a Korean woman, despite the jokes.

    Thanks for the post; I love learning anything I can about their culture.

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