Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brian MacGregor and his beautiful works

 My family and I took a trip to Savannah to see some of my dad's family this past weekend.  While we were there, Mom and I explored the art district.  We both like looking at the paintings and the photography and all of the other interesting things.  Stopping in at Brian MacGregor's studio and talking with him was the best part of the adventure.

My favorite pieces were paintings of golden roses over sheets of dream journals.  

 Brian MacGregor

This one above is my absolute favorite.  I would like to buy it sometime (or a similar piece).  I think it's so beautiful.  And I love the mixed media, the humanity and imagination written in the pages, the rich colors...

Brian MacGregor
Brain MacGregor
Walking through his studio made me want to know more about this fellow, so I asked what first encouraged him in his art.  He said that his parents were both artists, and they encouraged him to continue developing his first language of art.  He briefly explained how art is the first language for each of us (think drawing pictures to explain and to communicate), and it's up to each of us whether we decide to continue using and refining it.

I asked him then what was it he was trying to communicate through his art.  Mostly what he's feeling, he said.  Whatever he's feeling at the time, it just naturally comes onto the canvas.  He directed me to a painting he'd done depicting the path of life and a woman's reaction to it.  He pointed out how she was off life's path, she wasn't even looking at it, the roses, and the roses pointing downward...  It was a beautiful piece.  It was commissioned, he said.  Always nice to have someone take such an interest in his work that they commission a piece.  And, in addition to the dream journal pages he had already collected for the work, the commissioner had added some of her own.  So intriguing to me.

When Mom and I left, he thanked me for being the first person to have asked intelligent questions that day.
New goal: Encourage beauty wherever I see it.

You can check out more of his stuff here at Brian-MacGregor.com

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  1. Lindsay,
    Brian mentioned your blog on his Facebook page. I am the person who commissioned "the paths we choose".it is stunning on my wall and reminds me constantly that I can choose the direction I want in life. This the second piece I have of brian's (the other is a version of the Hokusai wave). I feel very lucky to know him and be able to see his work every day. I am so glad you like his work.


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