Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a little ridiculous how many crappy roadblocks I've had to go through.

Here's an update on what's going on with Project: Korea.

I've got the job, I've got the excitement, and I've got the supportive friends and family, but I don't have the authentication for my FBI clearance.  It was hard enough getting those blasted fingerprints!  I thought I was golden once I got that manila envelope in the mail saying I wasn't a criminal, but then I had to get an apostille for this sucker.  Sure, I've gotten an apostille before, I knew what to do.  Ah, but this is a federal document, so I have to get a federal seal for it, so I have to send it to the U.S. Dept. of State and ask the Authentication Office to apostille it specially.

The Authentications Office received my documents, my check to pay for the fee, and a prepaid envelope on May 9th.  My recruiter says that it's strange that it's taken them this long.  I've emailed them inquiring about the status of my request 4 times and I've used their website question box twice.  No word.  Nothing.

When I think about it, I start to panic.

What if I don't get this in time?  I won't get my visa.  I won't make it to Korea for the start of my job.  I won't have a job.  I'll be lost again.

I really, really don't want that.

The next thing I'll think about after the panic is God's sovereignty and how He's worked through this whole process.  He gave me this position, you know.  He gave me this dream.  He hooked me up with Amanda and with Emily and with Footprints Recruiting.  He prepared me for years so I would be ready for that interview and so I'd be excited to go to this other country.  He gave me that internship two springs ago so I'd learn to enjoy teaching ESL to young kids.
And He loves me.  He loves me very much.

He sees my unrest, and He knows that He's so competent.  He wants me to lean on Him.  He is the only One I can lean on.  He's the only one in control.  And He knows all those people in the Authentication Office.  He knows the situations in their DC community.  And He knows all of my situation, too.

It's interesting when trust is the only option.  Because, really, what else can I do?  I am helpless and hopeless, but I have my God.
And He has me.

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  1. hang in there Lindsay. He's taking care of you!


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