Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I just realized!  I'm really excited to get to give you guys stories of  firsthand Korea!  My research will be interviewing locals and expats!  My pictures will be ones I've taken!  My thoughts will come from someone who has seen and heard and touched and tasted!  And smelled.

And I'll be able to start in...

Holy cuss!

I've got a ton of information in my head about what to expect, but I'm nervous about now knowing really what to expect.  I don't want to freak out.  I don't want to want to come back home.  I want to adjust and to learn and to grow and to love and to build.

I thank you, friends, for your prayers.  They are very much sought after.  If I may, I would ask that you pray specifically for my confidence and that my confidence be well placed.  I am a daughter of the Almighty God.  He will continue to be with me and to prepare the way for me.  May I never forget, and may He be my ever present help, comfort, delight, and joy.  Also, please pray that I won't have to have a male housemate.  That would be so so so great.  Lastly, please ask the Lord to develop the good things He's placed in me that will help me in this experience.  I've always been fascinated by other cultures and nearly every aspect of them.  I don't want this interest to fail me now.

Also, I need to stop worrying.  God's got this.  He's totally got this.
And that's totally awesome.

A side note about that picture: Yes, those are faces excited over a newspaper telling of Brazil's 3-0 win against Chile during last year's World Cup!  And, yes, I used MS Paint and some Picnik to edit it.  But, yes, I promise I learned something during my Digital Imaging class.

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