Thursday, July 28, 2011

By the way, it rains here.

First of all, it's time to celebrate, kids!  The 2012 London Olympics are exactly just one year away!

Secondly, God bless the ajumas*!

I had to go pick up my standard medical check today.  It's a short bus ride and a shorter subway ride away from home.  And, you know, I knew it was going to rain, but I didn't go back for my umbrella.  My foolishness caught up with me as I exited the hospital building.  I tried my best to not look like an idiot foreigner, but the facts were I didn't have an umbrella in monsoon season.  (The rain from yesterday was the heaviest Korea's seen in 20 years.  Subways were flooded, and 32 were killed due to the extreme weather including mudslides.)

It was still raining when I got out of my subway.  While waiting for the pedestrian crossing sign to turn green (jaywalking never happens here), the ajuma beside me looked and spoke and moved her umbrella over me.  "Oh!  Gahmsahmneeda!*  Gahmsahmneeda!"  This 55-year-old lady walked me across the street and then she stayed with me and tried to help me find my bus.  We got confused, and she told me to get on the wrong one, but I told her that this wasn't mine, so she smiled, waved, and headed off.  What a lovely lady.

So I waited again for the right bus.  It was taking forever, wasn't it?  I thought they came by more frequently than this.  I was using the hard covers on my day planners as a pathetic shield.  My khaki colored blouse was the kind that clearly shows every raindrop.  Then I saw the college-aged girl next to me start, start again, then lean over to me with her umbrella.  She told me, "Ah, this is my bus," and she headed on.  Then a third lady, another ajuma, shared with me!  She also had to go to her bus before I did, but, dang!  These ladies blessed me SO much!

I wish I could have explained my deep gratitude to them, but all I could do was say "thank you" and bow to them.  I asked a Korean friend how to say "thank you very much," but I have already forgotten.

Tomorrow I go to get my alien registration card!  That will be a one and a half hour ride on the subways.  I believe I'll be bringing a book.

Also, God bless my mom for sending me my rain boots!
They'll be here in 7-10 days!  Awesome Possum Sauce!

*Ajuma- n. Korean for married woman.  Typically applied by expats to middle aged to older women who act like they are the boss.
That ajuma totally body blocked me from getting on the subway!
I always walk next to an ajuma when I cross the street because ain't no one running over her!

*Gahmsahmneeda- Thank you


  1. Hi, I'm sorry this isn't related to your post, but you commented on a blog post of mine last fall entitled Social Heartache, in which I wrote about The Social Network and my thankfulness for my Christian college and whatnot.

    One of the people I mentioned I was worried about in that blog post recently had an overdose which led to his parents putting him in the hospital. He and his parents are not believers, but they need Jesus and I would love if you would pray for them -- and for me, as well, for strength in this situation and wisdom as to how to deal with it.

  2. Thank you. I really appreciate it.


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