Sunday, September 4, 2011

My experience at a Korean club

I went to a club in Hongdae, Seoul last weekend called DD.  Foreigners get in free!  But you can't leave till midnight.  I'd never heard of that.  In fact, frankly, I have no idea what clubs are supposed to be like.  I'd never been to one before, neither had any of my close friends.  I didn't know what to expect, but I'll tell you this.

I loved it!

But I need to tell you why I loved it, of course.  Because people go there to dance!  Ugh, I wish you could see my face, 'cause it's so expressive right now.  There was no sleaziness, no dirty dancing.  This was awesome dancing.  And everyone was doing it!  Plenty of people were doing it in synchronization!  It looked so stinking cool!

Now, when I tell you that they were all doing this variation of the Running Man, don't think just of Dancin' Kim and her moves.  I have since learned that this style is called the Shuffle, and, no, bro, this is what you need to think of.  (And imagine this in a small-ish dark room with loud music and people having fun with their active confidence.)

Is that not super cool?  I was in childlike awe!  People dancing?!  Gliding on the floor?!  It looks so cool!  It looks so fun!  Please, can I learn that?!

After watching and trying to go through the moves in my head (and failing), I decided that I would be very upset with myself if I didn't learn this step.  So, I went to the back of the club where I saw a young guy working on his moves.  I leaned got his attention and leaned in so he could hear me over the noise.  I yelled, "Can you teach me?" as I pointed to his feet and then to my feet.  I'm pretty sure he spoke some English, but it made no sense to talk at all because it was so loud there. Without words, my teacher patiently went through the steps.  He corrected my form and showed me the proper technique.  He told me to go slowly and to not get ahead of myself.  He praised me when I did a good job then encouraged me to learn an additional step.  Pretty awesome, if you ask me.  I came back to him later for a brush up lesson before leaving with my crew.

I really do want to learn this, and my experience at the club has inspired me even further to find the swing dancing culture in Seoul; I know there has to be one.

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  1. That sounds awesome, if slightly strange (not that I have much experience with night clubs myself)


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