Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three things to be happy about

I love when I get to write these kinds of posts.

I booked my plane tickets that will take me to an American Christmas today!  Looking at load of information on all the different booking sites and then also looking at the prices had me really discourage last night.  The elation and excitement I feel now that the transactions have been complete and now that I'm going home for Christmas were totally worth it.

I got another pair of tickets today.  These ones were free, which is awesome, but, to some, that may be the only cool thing about them.  They're for a classically trained baritone concert!  This Saturday!  It'll be like going to the Tivoli for music department assignments again!  I'm going to dress up!  Heels in Seoul, heck yes!  I'm really excited.

I have been throwing my new syllabi on the ground!  Last month's syllabi-making was so stressful, arduous, and confusing.  This time, I've started much earlier, I totally know what I'm doing now, and I've been surprisingly diligent!  I made myself an ideal schedule, and I've kept to that ideal!  What what?!  You know what else is cool?  That ideal schedule has given me tomorrow and the next day off to have dinner with a friend and then to go swing dancing.  Add into that mix my church's 5th annual picnic on the Han River, and it's looking like a pretty ballin' weekend.

Bring it on!

And thank you, Jesus!

Han River Park
via Visit Korea

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  1. If it were anyone but you, I would make fun of the obscene number of exclamation marks... as it is, I'm really glad you're happy and having a good day.


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