Monday, November 7, 2011

Classroom quotes

"You don't like to give speeches?  Why not?"
"Because, teacher, in my head there is full of think."
- Brian (7)

"Why do you like to cook, Owen?"
"Because I am hungry man."
- Owen (7)

One of my students wrote a journal entry about "Aengguribeodeu."
Translation: Angry birds
- Andy (9)

Another entry about bad habits read like this:
"My bad habits is not be humble to my class teacher.  So I'm a bad student.  My class teache hate me.  I hate my class teacher too."
- Donghyun (9)
(He was talking about his public school teacher, by the way, not myself nor my Korean partner teacher.)
In my training, they never told me to not have favorites.  Donghyun is one of my favorites.  He has a scoundrel's charm about him, and he knows it.  He leans back and turns his head in when he smiles, he has that bad boy edge, and his dark skin looks good with every color.  This kid is going to be a lady killer.
When I asked Donghyun about a good habit he has, he told me, "I am always honest."
"Donghyun, are you serious?"
"Yes, Teacher."  He smiled that smile.
"Are you joking?"
"Teacher. I am always honest."
"Donghyun, come on.  Really?  Are you being honest right now?"
His affirmative reply was tinged with haughty offense at having his honor questioned.  Ha, whatever, kid, your wiles won't work on me!

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