Saturday, November 26, 2011

Halloween at my hagwon

They're late, but here are a few photos of my adorable kids from Halloween... taken with my own camera!  I'll write about the purchasing experience eventually (it's a story for sure), but I will quickly announce that I am a happy owner of a Canon 1100D!  Now to figure out how to use it well!

Halloween is not traditionally a Korean holiday.  Many of the students got to see a Jack-o-lantern for the first time.  The wonder in these kids' voices and eyes was a beautiful thing.
"There's fire inside!"

Actually, it was Jinny's and my first time making a Jack-o-lantern, too!

Jinny, that brilliant girl, brought in face paint for the kids.  This is Ruby with a dragonfly.

Eva and hearts and Jinny with paint
Here's my whole beautiful class.  All the girls were princesses (we had two Cinderellas), one Power Ranger, and one wizard.  Aren't they adorable?  I'm trying to convince at least one of them to come home with me to America.

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