Friday, December 9, 2011

Bucket List V

It's been a while since I've visited this topic, but I've found a few more adventures to add to my Bucket List.  (The new additions are at the bottom under the line.)
  • Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square
  • Scuba dive
  • Stargaze under the biggest sky on the darkest night
  • Attend ComicCon
  • Roadtrip to Maine and/or Canada
  • Have a restaurant give me food for singing
  • Be on the radio, sometime, somehow 
  • Be in a choreographed performance of "Beat It"
  • Get myself a motorcycle license
  • Host a huge blanket fort slumber party a la Troy and Abed in Community (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • Audition and be cast in a community theatre show
  • Be a camp counselor
  • ------------------------
  • Go skinny dipping - Well, yeah.  Haven't done it yet, but I'm pretty sure it needs to happen.
  • Observe a flash mob - As with the above activity, it just seems like being near a flash mob would make my personality more rounded.  I don't have to be in it, but, gosh aren't there tons now?  Doesn't it just make sense to see one before I die?
  •  Attend a Harry Potter party/marathon - I missed out when I was younger because I didn't start reading the series till college.  This party/marathon must include homemade butterbeer, by the way.
From the movie Yes Man
  • Go to Harry Potter World with Millie - Self explanatory BFF excursion
  • Be in a food fight - Isn't this on everyone's list?
  • Find a signature scent and wear it as a signature scent - This just seems like a very feminine/lady thing to do, and I think it sounds like a thing of sophistication with a dash of sexiness -  as long as it's not Bonne Belle's "Cotton Candy Splash" or something like that.


    1. Admirable goals. Perhaps we can have a HP marathon with homemade butterbear in our blanket fort right before we go to HP World?

    2. Millie, that sounds lovely.

    3. That's a very good list.

      I highly recommend skinny dipping, especially if there's danger of being caught - I've always done it in a public lake (but not a crowded part of it!) during the daylight.

      Also, I tried to make butterbeer, and I just want to warn you NOT to use the fox news recipe. It was ghastly.

      Good luck on doing all these things!


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