Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What the kiddos write - 3rd graders and the Giant Panda

For another test over Giant Pandas, I asked the kids a few questions about whether the Giant Panda would make a good pet (why or why not?) and what other animal would the like to learn about.  Here are the awesome things they said.

I wish I could learn about birds because it is beautiful and... I like the birds and birds sound is pretty.  When I listen the birds sound, my heart it... I can't explain because it is very wonderful and beautiful I think.  When I walk and I heard a birds sound, I think I am in the nature.  So I'm very happy because I like nature.
- Agnes
Considering she's a girl raised in Seoul, the second most densely populated city in the world, I completely understand why the bird's song would mean so much to her.

Tiger.  Because it is going gone, and it is cool, and it is brave.
- Peter
A young man of efficiency, I love how Peter says all that's needed here.

I wish I could learn about an eagle.  Because I like eagle and eagle is strong.
- June
 Like Peter, June usually plays the cool kid and sometimes does just enough to get by in class.  I'm not sure why I feel this way, but I find this very small window into his mind a treasure.  It reminds me that he's just a boy with interests and dreams just like I had when I was his age.  I love it.

(In response to "why or why not") I want to write a 'not.' Because Giant panda is so big.  And Giant panda eating everything, and he punch everything, so we are so angry of Giant panda.
- Edward
The last part of his answer was completely different than the others' answers.  It makes me excited to see all the different angles he's analyzing here!

I don't think it is good to have a giant panda as a pet, because the giant panda will bigger and we [can't] keep it in the house so we need to give it to the zoo, and it's home is bamboo forest in China so it will be not happy for become a pet and go away to another place.
- Julie
This girl Julie was the first student to ever ask me how I feel.  I always begin class by asking each of the students how they are today.  I was stunned and honored when she decided to return the question last week.  Here, it makes me smile to see her tenderness show itself as she considers the panda's feelings in her test answer.  She was the only student to do this.

No, [it should not be a pet] because Giant Panda is very big, and the Giant Panda is protecting animal.  Also, my mother hate all of animal.
- Lilly
Sentences like that last one remind me that I'm teaching kids.  Awesome kids.  Awesome kids that I would have loved to have been friends with when I was younger.  It's totally cool that I get to be friends with them now.

No, because the giant panda is big and fat.  And the newborn panda is learn from the mother and They need drink milk from the mother.
Sensitivity strikes again.  It's beautiful.

I think not.  Because Panda is so big and heavy.  If was run, floor is nearly broken.  But we can make a pet to baby panda.  It's get bigger, bring it to the zoo!
- Fire
Brilliant, my friend.  Brilliant.

The girls!
...sans Lilly whose first day was today
This is Agnes, Sally, Yuna, and Julie's above with the peace signs.  These chicas are the bomb.
And here's Edward representing the boys of the class.  (June's in the background.)  Peter suddenly got super shy when I took out the camera, the crazy kid!  And Fire was absent on this day.

"So now you got a taste of what I do!"
-Nacho Libre
(funniest movie ever)

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  1. Your kids are soooo cute!!! I want to hug them all!!


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