Thursday, December 1, 2011

What the kiddos write - 5th graders and Free writing

In my 5th grade New Hi Kids class, we have picture diary assignments.  The students write a paragraph about what's going on during the day, something they're interested in, or anything else they care to write about.  I get a lot of entries about computer games,  but sometimes I come across something that catches my eye.

This one is from Mick.  He told me this story in class one day, about how the bus had left him at school earlier that week.  I sounded like a situation from a TV show, and I had to smile when I read his picture diary.

Today finish SLP I take a bus but today is not bus!!  I be confused.  My house far away.  I don't had money so I just walk to house.  I so sad.  My leg is so painful.  I hate bus!  Why bus is not here!?
- Mick  (spelling and punctuation corrected)

I recently told the girls in this class that I'm learning Korean on Saturdays.  The four of us were loitering out in the hall afterward passing Korean phrases back and forth.  The girls looked really excited and happy, and I was really pleased to have made them smile so much.

I love~ Korean.  Today, I look your speaking Korean.  Oh~ ^^  Your very well Korean real ability.  You're very~ very~ great!  Um... Every Saturday (??) you go Korean class?  Oh it's so fun?  Of be bored?  I think you so good girl!  *Thumbs up drawing*
- Lomi (spelling corrected)

That's Mick on the right.
I love their smiles.


  1. Is that the Korean Harry Potter?!

    I'm glad they approve of you learning Korean. It's funny how kids can sometimes recognize when you make yourself vulnerable better than adults can.

  2. Just wondering...

    Do you just snap pictures whenever you get a chance while you are teaching? Say there is a lull in the room as the kids write for an assignment, do you get the candid shots then?

  3. I rarely bring my camera to school. These pictures were from the third time I ever did, the first being Pepero Day and the second, Halloween. Interestingly, we are encouraged to take many photos of our preschool class so that the pictures can be used in SLP publications and such.


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