Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas for the kiddos

Here's a look back at our preschool Christmas party!

We decorated our classrooms and worked on some activity book pages while we waited for the man in red.  All of the parents had given our school a gift for their kid for Santa to give them. I later heard about some of the parents also sending cards saying things like, "Next year you need to be better in math, but you are a good kid." Things like that.  Gotta say, sure it's kinda harsh, but these parents know how to work the system.  I mean, if you tell kids that they'll get coal if they're brats, why not follow up if you're kid's actually a brat?
(Please tell me you read that in a lighthearted voice, because that's totally how I said it.)
Don't know what, but Sophia's happy about something!
The kids really liked the snowflake patterns I made for them.
Bunny ears from Santa
Yoo-Jin had to work a little harder than the rest to get her present.
Binny didn't know what Santa got her.
Size comparison
Eva has the posed smile down pat.
These are some of our decorations.  Jinny Teacher and I put up the tree, then the kids did most of the decorations.
And these are our snowflakes!  I put them above the whiteboard. 
Merry Christmas from Elegance Class!

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