Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Christmas present from my boyfriend: Chattanooga

My last day in the States before coming back to Korea, I got to go to Chattanooga with my three best friends in the world: Millie, Sweeny, and Caleb (who also acts as boyfriend).  Chattanooga is one of my top two favorite cities in the world, and, while we were there, we loaded our time up with some other of my favorites.  We made an unplanned stop at a flea market on the Georgia/Tennessee border, we walked around an antique shop, we did some impromptu hill sledding, we had a delicious dinner at Urban Stack, and we met up with a few other great friends.  I didn't think I'd get to, but I got to hug one of my favorites, Elizabeth, who'd spent most of 2011 loving people around the world on the World Race.

(Photos by Caleb, save the first, from myself)

Scoping out the terrain
Yep!  We're doing it!
The weather was kind enough to grace us with a beautiful sunset.
I hadn't seen this dear girl in over a year!
As if my day wasn't beautiful enough, at the very end, there were tickets for an Avett Brothers concert at Track 29!

Now, it was at only after I saw them live that I liked The Avett Brothers.  Actually, it was at the concert that I fell in love with them.  You can understand how it was really special to get to see them live again.  Also, you need to know that Caleb hasn't cared for them much.  I completely understood since I myself couldn't stand Scotty's grating voice at first.  But, I thought that, maybe if Caleb could hear them live, too, perhaps he'd start to like them.  Well, miracles do happen!  This awesome metal/rock/ska-loving guy was able to enjoy the concert!
Now, this is not about forcing my tastes on him, please realize.  We both know that we have very different interests and tastes, but we both really like getting to share some of those together.  And so, as I check out Linkin Park, we'll take some breaks for "Kick Drum Heart."  But, holla!  I know that some songs and tones are still hard to swallow sometimes, but I think Caleb's a fan now.  That makes me very happy.

Speaking of, I kind of forgot that The Avett Brothers are also known for their rock instead of just their folk sounds.  Caleb and I both loved this harder jam session they surprised us with at the end of "Kick Drum Heart."

(This is from the concert I went to!)

Complete with drunk neighbors (included in both of my Avetts concerts), tight quarters, and enough energy to last us for hours, gosh!  It was awesome!  The band played all my favorites , even the ones I forgot were my favorites.  I'd never seen Colorshow live before, and, ah!  I thought I loved it on the album!  It was amazing in person!

(This one's not from the concert I went to, but the performances are nearly the same.)

It took a lot of work, effort, and sacrifice for this evening to happen as it did.  Tickets sold out 27 seconds after they'd been released.  My friend Davis happened to be at the right time and grabbed 4 tickets.  One for him, one for his friend from home, and two extras.  Caleb was going to get some for the two of us, so Davis offered his extras to Millie and Sweeny.  These two are the most ardent fans I know, but in a decision of love and selflessness, they let Caleb and I have the tickets.  I can't publicly thank Caleb without thanking Davis, Millie, and Sweeny as well.  So.  Thank you.  All of you.  From the depths of my sincere heart.

And, because no concert (nor a concert review, I think) is complete without it:
"Distraction #74"


And, for you and for posterity:
Concert set list
Photos of the show

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