Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A break from our scheduled programming to delve into dresses

After wearing a t-shirt with a cardigan back home in Georgia over Christmas break, I was pretty sure I was going to spurn having to live in freezing Seoul again.  But, God be praised, not only have I solidly figured out our floor heating system, but the weather has been especially kind.  This week, the temperature's hung pretty steadily at 0° Celsius with hardly any wind!  This evening, walking over for some mandu soup, I couldn't even see my breath!

Keep the gentle weather in mind for later.  I gotta tell you about jeans shopping for you to fully appreciate my coming train of thought.

Also of Christmas break, I headed to Khol's to look for some new jeans.  After trying on nearly 15 pairs, I gave up and begged for a hug from Caleb, my boyfriend, who was with me.  Perhaps you've been totally bummed because pants don't fit before?  It happens to me a lot.  I ended up almost swearing off jeans and just going to alternative ends.  In lieu of jeggings (which have never looked more tempting), and in light of the springtime weather, I looked to dresses this evening online.  And here we will begin our travels through what I found.

I began with my trusty sites and the chic shops I discovered while looking for a bridesmaid dress.

Well, I could always put a bird on it.  But, $61.99 isn't what I usually pay for summer dresses.
Poetrie - $61.99
This one would be great for all those summer picnics I go on.  That would be zero, but the image I get in my head is nice.
Poetrie: $52.99
And I could wear this one for all the times I go to the club!  That's almost zero.  (Clubbing in Korea's different than clubbing in the States, by the way.)
Forever 21 - $24.80
And this one, really I just want to know what they'd say if I wore it into work.  Haha!
Forever 21 - $22.80
This one I'd wear to the Seoul premiere of Wicked.  Yes, it's coming.  I saw posters in Gangnam, Seoul this weekend!  You can see the trailer for the Japanese performance here.  It's not the same, but it gives you an idea.
Modcloth - $139.99
And this one I actually would wear around town to the swing bars.  This would be awesome to lindy in!
Modcloth - $44.99
On the track back to seriousness, I actually would probably wear this.  After getting elbow deep in soft rose and vintage pink, it's got a special ring in my ears now.  I think I'd need some brown cowboy boots and some kind of floppy hat to go with this, though.
Modcloth - $44.99
This dress I'd probably want to wear every day.
Modcloth - $59.99
This one, too, would be pulled out of the closet a lot, but probably for occasions that are a bit more dressy.
Modcloth - $74.99
Well, hey, this is my fantasy, so I'm going to head on over to Anthropologie, too.
Ugh.  My least favorite combination.  Awesome and expensive.
Anthropologie: $168.00
Make it stop!
Anthropologie: $298.00
But the beauty and pain continue.
Anthropologie - $398.00
And there's a peek into what I'll be keeping my eyes out for when it's time for dress shopping at my local Forever 21.  I'm actually looking forward to wearing jeans less, especially if it means I get to wear pretty things like these.

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