Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Returning to the States: Things I'm excited about

With quite a few less than 75 days before my contract extension reaches its end and I leave Korea for Home, I do believe it's time to start preparing myself for the transition.  I've been dreading this for months now, and I know there will be many tears during my departure weekend, but I'm looking forward to it now much more than I was earlier, and I'm hoping that I can keep progressing in this direction.  Maybe I'll be emotionally ready when my time is finally come.  I would really like that.  To help me along, I've made a list of things that I'm really happy for about moving back to the States.

I've made a list like this before in May, but I only came up with 4 things.  They're still good and exciting things, but I'm glad I've found a few more.  :)

  • Being with Caleb again!
  • Being with my family again!
  • Being with my friends again!

All right, beautiful people now aside, here's the rest.
I should note, my recent holiday in the Philippines helped me think of many of these things.  The people there are so friendly and beautiful, and it was hard to return to fast-paced Seoul after being in their care.  I still love this city, but I was strongly reminded that there are other things to love, too.
So!  I'm excited about...

  • Having my computer speak to me only in a language that I know.  No more Korean ads before my Youtube videos.  No more confusing Korean pages about who knows what popping up when I try to get to certain websites.
  • Southern hospitality! People will most likely say "sorry" when we bump into each other!
  • I will be in a culture where, yes, staring is still rude, but I will be allowed to look at people's faces and smile at them.  I cannot wait for that again.
  • Seeing different kinds of beauty!!  Guys, I'm so excited about this.  Korean beauty is very pretty, but it's usually the only kind I see, and I miss all the others.  Let me tell you! I was in Itaewon (foreigner hot spot) a month ago.  I saw a beautiful African lady there.  I was so arrested by her beauty, I was staring.  In the Philippines, I was taken with the curves and round faces of the girls there.  Geez, I cannot wait to get back to the Melting Pot.
  • Having different cuisines readily available.  Hooray for Mexican, Chinese, Greek, Middle Eastern, Japanese, American, Italian, German, and all the other foods!  Korean's good, but so is everything else.
  • Being able to ask questions!!  It was so nice being in the Philippines for a few days and knowing that I could ask for directions and be understood.  I am not fluent in Korean, and I cannot complain because that is my own doing, but I am really looking forward to be in a country where my tongue is the native tongue.
  • Being in a place without sky scrapers.  I will get to see many stars soon!

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