Thursday, October 11, 2012

Woo Fam Krump

Korea Is Buck.

Oh man, guys.  I got to go to Woo Fam's KRUMP SESSION VOL. 13 this past weekend.  (Seriously, that was the name of it.  Capitals and all.)

I've been a growing fan since my introduction about 5.5 months ago, and I still hold the members of Woo Fam as the best krumpers in the world.  (Right under Tight Eyez, at least.  As always.)  I've gotten to learn from them in class at their studio.  I've gotten pictures with Big J and Bucky.  I chatted with Youngster a bit.  I've had a mini celebrity crush on Kid Monster and Trixx.  I've learned as much about their stories as I can.

In fact, why don't I just tell you some of their story now?

So Monster Woo, the leader, was in LA for a good long time but got convicted of some time and was put in prison.  He's now forever banned from America, and when he came back to Korea after prison.  He had nothing to live for when came back and found krump as his only source.  Just like Tight Eyez, it was Monster Woo's salvation.  Through krump, he became alive again.

Back at the beginning of the fam (short for "family" which is what krumpers call their crews), Monster Woo saw potential in a group of young ones.  He recruited them to his family and put them through serious training.  These kids still had regular jobs, but they would practice after they got off work for SIX HOURS!  They practiced either 6 days a week or 7 days a week, I can't remember.  They'd get a few hours of sleep after practice, then go to work again, and then go back to krump.  It sounds insane, but it is Korea where long hours are the norm, and they are some of the best in the world now.

The fam is also super nice.  They're legit teachers, and I've been called out twice now (by Big J) for doing something wrong/stupid, but I've had small conversations and happy smiles and a shared love for this dance with these guys.  I really like them.

I was SO excited to get to go to their battle competition, you have no idea.  My poor krump friends here in Seoul... I was bouncing off the walls excited.  When we finally arrived at the club, I started freaking out about the hat and clothes I was wearing and acting like a total fan girl when I saw Monster Woo's bike outside.  Sheesh.  I needed tranquilizers.

The competition went down as expected.  There were great krumpers and growing krumpers.  There was even one girl (a rarity in this style of dance).  Two members of Woo Fam competed: Kid Monster and Rumbler, who won first place against this other guy who I was rooting for.  It was energizing to see so many different styles and levels out there putting out all their passion and creativity.  I breathed in every second of it.

And surprise!  The members of Woo Fam (all but Trixx) did a little freestyling for us in between the rounds!  My friend Sim was able to get an excellent angle where no one was in his way, but he posted it on Facebook, so I don't think I can show you the video because of sharing permissions.  Here's what I got of it.  I know it's shaky, and it was taken on my iTouch, but this video has so much amazing in it, I love it.

I just pulled out the camera in the middle of Bucky's time, so I missed Jr. Woo's minute, but here is Woo Fam: Bucky, Rumbler, Kid Monster, 2Face, Youngster, Big J, Giant, Young Monster, and Monster Woo!

As if I haven't gushed enough, here are pictures, too!  I took some, and my friend Sim took some.

The venue: NB 1 Club in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea
The evening's host: Giant.  He's there in the black beanie and the "F the System shirt."
Monster Woo is to his left in the red beanie.

There was so much energy surging through the krumpers.  The place was electric.

Here's Kid Monster battling.  He's been a favorite of mine since I first saw him in this video.  It's from a couple years ago when he was just a young'in looking like he had major issues.

P.s.  Word on the street is, Kid Monster has been going to K-Pop Celebrity School.  (It is a thing.)  I guess fame and fan girls are more important to him now, which makes me consider him a sell out.  I guess my fandom wasn't enough for him.  *Sniff*

Shots from the night including the only girl competitor pictured in the bottom right

This is me worshiping talking to Buckey!  She recognized me from the one month when I was taking classes at Woo Fam's studio.  Here, she was holding and high fiving my hands and telling me I was pretty, which was a small dream come true.  I was able to tell her the same thing in Korean, and she smiled with a teasing air of "yes, sweetheart, I know."

This is me meeting Monster Woo himself!
All I asked for what a picture, but I guess he wanted me to have this, too.  Ha.

Want more Woo?

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  1. This is so cool! I love the energy of the krumpers in the video you took! And I love your excitement and passion. It's infectious!!

    x Jasmine

  2. I'm so glad you think so, Jasmine!

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  4. Wow this looks amazing!
    I'm a new fan of Monster Woo, and I can't seem to find any information about him. How did you know his history?
    Ahhhh I'm so jealous ><

    1. My hip hop teacher, David Jang, studied under Monster Woo for a while and got to hear about his life. I learned everything I know about the Woo Fam from David. :)

  5. Did he also tell you why he was banned from the states?

    1. Yes, I made sure to include that above. I assume it takes a lot to be banned.

  6. How old is Monster Woo himself? And is Babylon his real brother?

    1. I don't know the answers to those questions, I'm afraid. You might be able to glean some more info or ask him on his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realmonsterwoo/

  7. hey, where about in Seoul did you stay, I'm travelling by myself soon and would any advice? :)

    1. I'd be happy to talk with you about good places! I lived in Daecheong which is a neighborhood of Gangnam during my 16 months living in Seoul. I never had to use a hotel or hostel, but I bet anything near Sinsa or Apgujeong would be very nice but maybe a little pricey. There might be some more independent and funky place in Hongdae, near where Woo Fam practices. Are there any areas in particular you're curious about? Most of Seoul is good and safe. I actually couldn't find my way back to my apartment my second night in the country, and as weird as it sounds, I felt safe thinking about having to sleep in the park! Thankfully, I found my way back home, but it's in general a very, very safe place. I could also ask some friends there if they have any recommendations if there's an area you'd prefer.

    2. Well its the first time altogether I will be travelling alone, so wasn't to sure where to start. I was a bit worried being a girl and going alone..but I feel better knowing how safe you said you felt. I was doing research and came across your amazing blog! I really wanted to check out the historic architecture especially Bukchon Hanok village..I'll be going for about 8 months so I really just want to live in the culture (minus the beauty standards haha as my natural skin tone is brown..but hopefully I wont stand out to much) haha...sorry if I sound super lost! Also silly question did you get offered a job before you moved?

    3. You don't sound silly at all! I totally get the concerns of traveling alone, especially as a girl, but again I'll say that I had 0 worries about that while I was in Korea (and in Tokyo, actually).

      I'm asking some friends about lodging options. I only ever stayed in jimjjilbangs if I was traveling within Korea. They're public bath houses, and they're quite an experience! Men and women have their own areas, and then they get naked and relax in pools with different temperatures and jacuzzis and get massages and scrubs. If you're brave enough, I'd recommend it for a visit but not for the common room sleeping option (which they also offer). I'll get back to you with what my friends say.

      Yep, I accepted a teaching job before I moved. The school I worked for actually bought my plane ticket and my return ticket when my contract was finished. I worked with Footprints Recruiting to find the school. Footprints treated me and two of my friends very well.

      My email's lindsayeryn@gmail.com, by the way, if you want to communicate through email! I'll get back to you with what I find out either way. I'm sure there's got to be some great hostels in Seoul.

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  9. Hey, hi. I have a quick question, I wasn't able to find any info about Monster Woo's birthdate, do you happen to know?

    1. Sorry, but I don't know. Perhaps you can ask him through Instagram? Here is his profile: https://www.instagram.com/realmonsterwoo/ I'm fairly certain he does speak English.

  10. I had no interest in krump until I actually found Kid Monster through his kpop group Hotshot and now I honestly love it. If it wasn't for him "selling out" I would have never even given the dance style a chance so I'm glad he decided to do so. Seeing Kimon krump with so much passion and then seeing the rest of the crew krump with just as much passion made me want to learn how to krump despite my lack of dancing skills. So, I'm curious, how do you feel about Kimon now?

  11. Lol. "Word on the street is" I don't know why I find that phrase so funny.


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