Saturday, October 6, 2012

Elegance Class Studies Dinosaurs

Try getting 6-year-old Korean English students to say "pteranodon" and "appatosauroas," and it's almost as awesome as seeing the dinosaurs they create themselves.

Minsea Dinosaur by Min-Sun
(Min-Sun is our most recent addition to Elegance Class.  She will tell you at every chance about how she used to live in San Diego.  She will tell you this in an almost flawless American accent.)

Fly Dinosaur by Judy

Rxax Suros by Ruby

Ryannosaurus by Sein
It likes to play with Ryan.  :)

May Dinosaur by Yoo-Jin

Sophia was absent this day, but she invented the Lindsay Dinosaur.

The very similar Lindsay Teach Dinosaur by Ryan
I think my kids love me.  :)


  1. How sweet!

    I want a dinosaur named after me too :)

  2. Kelly, they would LOVE you! You would also be the first real redhead most of them have ever seen. :)


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