Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Halloween at SLP 2012

We're almost halfway through March, and I haven't published anything all month!  And when I was thinking of what to write, I realized there's still plenty I haven't covered from my time in Korea!  The first thing to show you is how adorable Elegance Class was on Halloween last year!

There are no half-assed costumes here in Gangnam SLP.  Go big, or go home.
We took a short field trip to COEX mall where the mothers were waiting to give their darlings treats.
These kids left with their bags heavy with candy, cookies, and toys.  Some of the buckets were overflowing.  I was impressed by the mom's enthusiasm, but also a little weirded out.  I don't think they realize it, but my children are spoiled.
Ruby complained about the weight of her candy bag.
First World Problems
We switched ears.
Don't even try to get all of them to smile at once.
Everyone's pretty tired after our field trips, no thanks to the sugar comas they got.

 Halloween isn't a traditional Korean holiday.  We celebrate it at my school to give the students more exposure to Western culture.  The kids enjoy the celebration and love the candy they get.  When I ask them if they'll go trick or treating later, they say no.  I've never had Halloween as a big holiday in my life, but I'm glad my students got to have fun with it.  And they all looked so cute in their costumes!

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