Monday, March 25, 2013

Bucket List VI

I started keeping track in November 2010, I add more ideas to the bucket list when I think of them.  After a long silence on the subject, here are some more things I'd like to do some day.
(The new additions are at the bottom under the line.)

  • Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square
  • Scuba dive
  • Stargaze under the biggest sky on the darkest night
  • Attend ComicCon
  • Roadtrip to Maine and/or Canada
  • Have a restaurant give me food for singing
  • Be on the radio, sometime, somehow 
  • Be in a choreographed performance of "Beat It"
  • Get myself a motorcycle license
  • Host a huge blanket fort slumber party a la Troy and Abed in Community (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • Audition and be cast in a community theatre show
  • Be a camp counselor
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Observe a flash mob
  •  Attend a Harry Potter party/marathon
  • Go to Harry Potter World with Millie
  • Be in a food fight
  • Find a signature perfume
  • Cook and eat fried dandelions - The pictures I've seen look really, really good.  And, I love earth.  With a lower case "e."  I love the rich smell of grass, the tangy smell of dandelion milk, the sharp smell of wild onions.  When a friend tells me a certain food tastes like dirt, there's a high chance that I'll like it.  And, with my mom's recipe for fried green tomato batter, I'm pretty sure I can't go wrong.
  • Compete in a dance competition (and become good at dancing) - I'm thinking hip hop or krump in addition to improving at swing and ballroom
  • Come into a counseling or mentorship role for girls - I've had ladies come alongside me throughout these later years, and I can see so clearly how they've changed the direction of my life for the better.  It would bring me such joy and satisfaction to help other girls in the same way.

image via Recipes for Your Body and Soul

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