Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Community Inspired Engagement Shoot

Last month, Caleb and I met with his friend Garrett of RGR Photography to discuss what we would have our engagement pictures look like.  We wanted to have some shot in Downtown Newnan where we got engaged and where we have spent lots of time exploring and enjoying.  We also wanted to have a section that included more of our own personality.  After thinking through a lot of the unique ideas we've seen before, Caleb hit upon something that fit us perfectly.

One of our favorite rituals that Caleb and I share is watching Community together.  (We usually include the sacrament of indulging in Klondike bars, when we have them.)  There are a few episodes of Community that show the characters building, playing in, and fighting in pillow and blanket forts.  What started as an idea of having a pillow fort as the setting ended up being a production involving some of our closest friends.

We included subtle references to ourselves in the fort.  We're both wearing sweatpants from our rival colleges, I'm eating out of a ramen cup from Korea, a book from one of Caleb's favorite authors lies on the couch, and we made sure to have Community playing on the laptop, just like on our Monday evenings when we're catching it on Hulu.

I'm really pleased with how the pictures turned out.  Garrett rented a wide lens to capture more of the action and worked with us to the very end on helping our vision become reality.  Our friends were supportive and surprisingly directable.  Having people who are close to us there helped us have so much fun.

All photos are the exclusive property of RGR Photography.

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