Monday, September 30, 2013

Wedding Details: Making the Bouquets

What began as a necessity (florist bouquets weren't going to fit into the budget) became a pet project of mine. I really like nature, and I had visions of wild and free spilling over my hands at my wedding. Wild flowers, vines, and plenty of green.

After much research and a great recommendation from an event planner friend of mine, I chose FiftyFlowers.com to provide the blooms. I got the assorted farm mix for the snapdragons, solidago, and limonium and alstroemeria. I also picked Queen Anne's lace and asters because I really like them. The Queen Anne's lace didn't fit into the bouquets like I thought they would, but they were able to be used in the decor later one.

The day the flowers arrived, Mom and I went to our yard to snip about one hundred vines of honeysuckle for filling in the bouquets and for decoration in the venue. When all of the materials had been collected and 4 ladies arrived at my house to help with projects, I began on the bouquets. My mother-in-law and her friend started the boutonnieres and corsages. I love what they came up with, and I loved getting to experiment with my ideas and the flowers.

I'd been collecting inspiration and tutorials on a Pinterest board. Mine of course look different from the inspiration, but I love how they turned out!

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Making the flower decor for my wedding | Lindsay Eryn

Making the bouquets for my wedding | Lindsay Eryn

Making the flower decorations for my wedding | Lindsay Eryn

Of all the projects that required extra time and effort due to spending less money on them, this was one of my very favorites. Cutting down the cost of the flowers was a huge help. I did end up getting more than I needed, but the flowers served two purposed in being used for the bouquets and decor, so having extra was also a relief. We didn't have to worry about running out of flowers, and it allowed us to use them in ways I hadn't even thought of. Also, having this project all to myself, making the bouquets just the way I wanted them, gave me a sense of control over what sometimes felt like a train barreling down the tracks. Getting to spend time with plants and green brought my a lovely hour or so of tranquility. I love my flowers, I'm so pleased with how they turned out, and I wouldn't have chosen any other option.
My homemade bridal bouquet | Lindsay Eryn

FiftyFlowers was a pleasure to work with. After finally deciding on what I wanted and placing the order, FiftyFlowers did an amazing job of following up. I received a confirmation phone call the day I ordered the flowers, they gave detailed flower care instructions through their website, the flowers were delivered first thing in the morning, and then I received an automated, yet friendly, delivery confirmation call as well which also gave the option to listen to the flower care instructions again. I was so glad they took care of me so well, and I highly recommend them to anyone else looking for bulk, wholesale flowers.

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