Saturday, October 5, 2013

Two Videos to Blow Your Mind

One cool thing about being married is that we don't have to email all our cool links to each other, we can just show them to each other as we sit on the same couch on a Saturday afternoon.
I want to share with you what Caleb and I shared with each other today.

First, the new WildCat robot from Boston Dynamics:

What in the world, right?!  I got the heebie jeebies during the slow-mo parts.  The articles about this beast talk about how it's faster than Usain Bolt and how it could kills us all.  That last part is probably false, but it sure does look fierce.

Second, this beautifully done video about workers in the Well of Death via Colossal

I appreciate the clips of the carnival surrounding the well.  India isn't an easy place for me to imagine, though I've read about it and heard many stories about it.  This video's perspective into India is different than Slumdog Millionaire's, that's for sure.  I like it.  And, you know, the Well of Death, too.  That's so wild!  I wish I could understand the physics of it all better.

And those are the things that stopped Caleb and I in our internet tracks this weekend.  What do you think of them?

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  1. That Well of Death is insane! The other one's I've seen on TV are all fully covered in protective gear, I can't believe they're not scared!

    x Jasmine


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