Monday, November 11, 2013

Learning Stick Shift

Last month I had to return my mom's van to my parents' house and Caleb and I were left with one car.  Caleb's thankfully been able to carpool with a co-worker, but that left me with the new VW Jetta.  Sounds cool, no worries, but the car is a stick shift, and I didn't know how to drive it.

Guys.  I was so scared.  The dreaded hill starts, people pulling up so close to me, stalling out on hectic Atlanta streets, it was a nightmare!  I literally came home crying one day because I felt like I couldn't take it.  That's when I put these signs up:

Learning to drive stick shift | Lindsay Eryn

I was embarrassed, oh my gosh was I embarrassed, but people didn't beep at me after I put these signs up.  One day I actually got much more attention than I expected.  I was getting in the car to go home when a lady outside the car pointed to her camera phone and to the car.  I gave her a "do what you will" shrug, and for thirty seconds, I heard her laughing and chattering on.  "Oh my goodness, this is so funny!  I am so facebooking this!  I can't believe!  That's so smart.  How hilarious!"  Whatever lady, move along.

But!  I can drive stick now!

No more fear and very few stalls these days.  I'm so pleased and very proud, and I feel like I've been deemed just a little more awesome because I finally learned to drive stick.  I just wish it hadn't been out of necessity, but it's done!  Tada!

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