Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I've Been Away. Here's a quick update!

November ended up being much busier than I anticipated.  For one thing, when you're leaving work for a week, the preparation leading up to your vacation can be intense.  I hardly got to take any time for myself that week, but it was completely worth it when Caleb and I found ourselves on the island of Vieques for a week.

This was our house!

Where we went for our honeymoon! | Lindsay Eryn

Where we went for our honeymoon! | Lindsay Eryn

Technically, those are pictures of the back and front yard, but they do the trick.

Caleb and I rented a house called Casa dos Cuervos.  I'll write more about it later, but this is a quick update, so I need to keep moving.  For now, I can tell you it was amazing and you would love it.  I promise.

When we returned, Caleb and I had a week and a half of work before leaving again for his family's Thanksgiving in Florida.  The milder weather was very welcome, the folks were friendly and funny, and the food was just right.  I made my mom's dressing and it got great reviews, mostly because it includes bacon.

Now I've got Christmas on the brain, and I'm very glad to see myself excited about it.  Last year's season was very difficult and frustrating because I wasn't ready to be back in America and I felt like Christmas in general was just an ugly display of consumerism and superficiality.  2013 brings our first Christmas as a married couple, our first small tree, getting to pick which new traditions to start, and for-real branching out as a new family.  I'm excited, and, frankly, I'm glad I have Caleb as my husband this year.

Next on my docket:
Buying Christmas presents
Figuring out what to take for a party appetizer
A wintery date to include picking a tree and possibly a Snuggler
Seeing The Hobbit with my sister
Hosting a Christmas dinner for the young adults in our combined families
Figuring out what to have for Christmas Eve dinner

What do you have going on these days?  Did you have a great November?


  1. Good Christmas plans. I'm glad you're more excited for it this year :)

  2. Your first Christmas is always a fun one! I hope you guys had a great day :)

    My November was INSANE! I did 8 photo shoots on top of my 9-5 job and ended up with 15,000 photos to edit. I didn't sleep much, let me tell you!

    x Jasmine


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