Saturday, November 2, 2013

Recommended for the First Weekend in November

This puppy picture melted my heart.

Found a new website to gawk at.  One Kings Lane which tells you about all kinds of home thing sales from designers and such.  They've got some lovely things on their Pinterest.  I really like the pictures on their Camp Chic board.

“A gracefully executed quit is a beautiful thing, opening up more doors than it closes.”

 Karen Nyberg talks about life and motherhood in space away from her family.  Wow. via Cup of Jo

The Chinese government has issued advisory literature to its people about how to behave while traveling abroad so as not to offend the locals.  I find the articles pretty funny, but I kind of think America should distribute something similar to its own people so they don't talk loudly, don't stand on the left side of the escalator, and don't disturb the peace while touring.
(Did you know you're not supposed to do, like, anything on the French subways?  Sitting quietly is all but required.)

I found a new thing to add to my Christmas list last month:
Simple and beautiful fox rings | Lindsay Eryn

I just can't decide which metal I want.  They're not very expensive, though, so maybe I should just collect all three.  :)  (J/k, all things in moderation.)
Adjustable Fox Ring for $10 on Etsy

And a photo set of a fox someone found in their yard!  So lovely and serene and enchanting.

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