Friday, February 28, 2014

Recommended for February

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway. - Mother Theresa

Hobbit fan?  Check this out.  Fans + actors reacting to each other.

Jason Brown's energetic Nationals performance that secured him a spot on the USA's figure skating team

One more Moroccan/bohemian Pinterest board

Speaking of international events, check out The Great Language Game, and see how many languages you can distinguish.  On my first try, I only got 400 points.
via Cup of Jo

I love planning vacations, and this article lists it as one of ten easy things that are scientifically proven to make you happier!  Just reading this article makes me feel better, and I wasn't even feeling sad before!
via Cup of Jo

Swedish cellist/vocalist Linnea Olsson's songs "The Ocean" and "Ah" (I do recommend finding the album recordings.  I like those better.)

A collection of interesting photos found on the internet.

Where do you want to plan your vacation to?  I think I'll do mine in Scotland or Ireland.  Did you know Groupon offers deals on international travel tours?!  Here's one for a Bed & Breakfast stay in Ireland!

Recommended for February | Lindsay Eryn

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