Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Second Sushi Date

This time we didn't learn to make sushi, but we did get to eat it.

Thanks to a Facebook ad, I heard about Ra in Midtown.  I signed up for the the emails and got a $20 gift certificate for my half-birthday month!  So, on one of the last days of February, Caleb and I headed off for some sushi.  After an appetizer of potstickers, we ordered the Salmon Asparagus roll (fresh tasting and yummy), the Rainbow Roll (my favorite of the night), and the Viva Las Vegas Roll (just stupid, do not recommend).

The restaurant's atmosphere was cool and sexy.  It has some great happy hour deals that don't just include drink, which is pretty neat.  We chose our appetizers and sushi rolls from the discount menu and got everything for a great price!  Unfortunately, we didn't find out until after we'd eaten everything that the gift certificate didn't apply to discount food, but it wasn't too expensive, so it was all good.

Our Atlanta sushi date | Lindsay Eryn

Once we got home, Caleb suggested we watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary about the greatest sushi chef of all time.  I really wish I'd thought of watching this.  This evening's date had been my idea, and planning on watching this documentary ahead of time would have been a smart thing to plan along with dinner.  I guess this just goes to show that we're better as a team?

Anyway...  This Documentary.  Oh my gosh.
I'd heard it was beautiful, but I did not expect it to be this beautiful.  There is one particular scene that is most beautiful.  The cinematography, the music, and the voice over complemented each other in the richest, most perfect way.  The beauty of everything being communicated was so great that I cried.  It was pretty amazing.

I highly recommend this film to anyone and everyone.  I promise that there's something in this movie you will connect with.  It spoke to me as a professional, as an adult, as a lover of excellence, and as an Asia enthusiast.  If you enjoy photography, food, or learning new things, this movie is also for you.  I can't imagine you not gaining something from Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

It's available on Netflix!  Enjoy!
I will say, after watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I wanted to go and get sushi asap even though we'd just had it for dinner!  I didn't want poor sushi, though.  I wanted Great sushi.  It is now on my list to eat at Jiro's sushi restaurant before I die.  And get this!  His restaurant is so popular, it requires reservations to be made up to a year ahead of time!  Wow!

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