Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Happy Valentine's Week, my friends!
(I like how my guy works to make the day special, but everything else about Valentine's Day kind of sucks in my mind. )

I am so excited about what Caleb and I have planned!  We're going to a sushi making class!  We'll learn how to make sushi, we'll get to take a kit home with us, and we'll get to eat sushi and have some miso soup at the class!  How awesome is that?!  I'm so jealous of future me!

Caleb has Saturday planned, and I have Friday planned.  It will be much more mellow and cozier.  Blizzards from Dairy Queen (there's a new red velvet flavor I want to try), Am√©lie on Netflix (I've been trying to convince him to watch it with me), and bath with nice smelling salts (perfect for the nasty, cold weather we've been having).  I'm looking forward to a relaxing and chill evening!

Some other things I'm loving right now:

Dang, this stuff is magical.  It all started with a couple leftover  tea bags of Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut I found in my Korean apartment, and now I have 6 different flavors in my home.  A lot of them have a delightful sweetness that comes up just after you've swallowed the tea, which means you don't need any sweeteners or additives!  These are just gorgeous.  I especially like Breathe Deep and Stomach Ease, but I want to try lots more.
Some of my favorite things | Lindsay Eryn
via Revoalution

I really like how the teas taste, but I also really like the interesting vibes the company has.  Yoga moves on the boxes, fortune cookie sayings on the tea bag tabs, and all of the herbs and spices blended with a holistic view of the body and mind.  They have specific blends for specific effects, and I do believe they know what they're doing.  I feel like I'm putting something good into my body when I drink this tea, and just that thought alone makes it a good thing.

Yes, still.  My dog remains at my parents, the neighbors upstairs still have their dog, and everyone on the internet posts pictures I fawn over every day.  One day guys, I'll have a puppy, and it will be really hard for me to shut up about it.  I know it's ridiculous (and totally false), but I can't help thinking that my life would perfect if I had a dog.
Some of my favorite things | Lindsay Eryn

I mean, really.  How can you not love those faces?  You know how sometimes girls will get baby fever and start nesting and wanting to have a family?  It'd be cool to have children, and I sincerely hope I start to want to have kids one day, but right now the only addition I want to our household is a dog.

This Herb + Citrus Chicken
Oh my gosh, people.  This was so freakin' delicious, I was moaning to my chicken all throughout dinner like a moron.  I made this dish (with sauteed cabbage on the side) a week ago, and I still dreamily say to Caleb, "Oh darling, remember that chicken?"  This stuff is SO good.

Some of my favorite things | Lindsay Eryn

I took the skin off the chicken before I read in the recipe that it's supposed to stay on, and I used dried thyme and rosemary on top, and it turned out as my very favorite thing I have ever cooked in my entire life.  We're planning on having our parents up for dinner soon, and I'm going to cook this and show them how amazing it is (and what good cooks we are).  Let me know if you try it and what you think!

The Nike Training App
 I forget which blog told me about this app, but I think I will become forever indebted to them.
Some of my favorite things | Lindsay Eryn

We recently had a big freeze here in Atlanta, which had me spending more time at home than usual.  It was a great opportunity to jump start an exercise plan, and it was perfect timing when this app showed up, too.  The app has many workouts available for free in beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels.  The different workouts let you focus on different goals like getting lean, toned, or strong, and there are even highly focused workouts for ab blasting, legs, and shoulders.  The app lets you add in your own music, and the workouts are led by excellent athletes.  Each of the workouts are customizable, so you can change the order of the moves, and you can even pause your workout and watch a short video on how to complete each move before you move one.  Basically, this app has thought of everything, and I've been in good hands since I started using it.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?  What things are you loving right now?  Any recipe recommendations?

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